Wedding Day

Emily and David wowed us with their ideas! We were so delighted to help them create a lush and romantic venue at the Ringling Museum. The dark, rich colors of phalaenopsis orchids and tropicals only helped to accentuate the elegant beauty of the Ringling and the couple themselves. We are left happily lost as they glided across the dance floor, illuminated beautifully on their luxurious, special day.

(We would like to take a moment and thank BinaryFlips Photography for all of Emily and David’s photos.)

Chad and Paige were a delight to work with. They brought summery, truly tropical vibes, to their gorgeous wedding! Working with the brightly colored Anthurium’s and gorgeous soft purple orchids was completely charming. Their unique and fun style played well with a gorgeous flower crown to accent Paige’s bridal veil. This is a tropical beauty we surely won’t be forgetting!

(We would like to take a moment and thank JuneBug Weddings for this great opportunity and beautiful photos of Chad and Paige.)

Simple, elegant, stunning. What more could you want for your special day? This couple decided to keep things romantic at The Oak Club in Osprey with simple design, beautiful green amaranthus to adorn the tables, and gorgeous white orchids for their wedding day.

(We would like to take a moment and thank So Staged for the photos!)

There will be tons of wow-worthy photos here soon for the Flemming wedding! Hosted at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Beach Club with astounding floral chandeliers and gorgeous pops of blue.

(We would like to take a moment to thank Maria Brady and BinaryFlips Photography for the Flemming photos.)

Meredith and Justin filled us with so many warm and familiar feelings. Rustic and sweet, Selby Gardens proved to be the perfect setting for the couple. Nestled among loved ones and table cloths, our natural greenery and vines only added to the garden-fresh feel on a warm spring day.

(We would like to take a moment and thank BinaryFlips Photography for all of Meredith and Justin’s photos.)


Miller’s wedding had us leaving with sand between our toes! Beachy happiness, close to our very own home. Light and happy colors flowed excellently with the soft and warm feelings one expects on a sunny beach day. We were happy to bring the couple together in a favorite place to them! Simple and tender, still leaving sun-kissed vibes.

If you’re looking for something perhaps a bit more faery-like, take a moment to gaze upon the beauty of this wedding! We were absolutely delighted to work with these fantastic minds on other worldly allure. Their eagerness to create their own special garden in the heart of Selby truly wowed us. Being allowed the experience to intensify the beauty of these wild nymphs was an experience we will never forget!