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They always knock it out of the park for any occasion! Excellence in their floral arrangements. Quality.

Tammy Thompson

Your Concierge Florist for Excellence

As your concierge florist, we are committed to excellence in design and our choice of top-quality flowers.

Sadly, the floral industry is experiencing an unusual degree of volatility in prices and availability this year. In order to maintain our level of excellence, we are being selective in the blooms that we keep in stock daily.

We will always honor custom orders and will order exactly what you want at our premium pricing but cannot guarantee same-day delivery.

Our Designs

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The December Special

Amaryllis flowers

The Amaryllis flowers are stunning flowers that are believed to mean pride, strength, and determination, as they stand tall above all other winter blooms. Amaryllis is also a Greek name which means ‘to sparkle’. Very in keeping with the festive season when we throw glitter at literally everything. Amaryllis is an exquisite bulbous plant that produces truly beautiful, vibrant flowers and makes a perfect gift for all holiday occasions. Native to South African shores, these charmers are steeped in history and have several fascinating stories to tell.

*This special offer does not include sales tax. Photos are for inspiration only. Actual size, container, and design style may differ depending upon availability.

$100 total including delivery anywhere in Sarasota & Bradenton.*

Call Tiger Lily Extraordinary Flowers at 941-355-5661.

Tulip arrangement

Our Philosophy and Design Team

We use the beauty of nature to say the things that words cannot express. 

Our team has dedicated decades to learn how to use the language of floral design to bring our clients’ love, friendship, romance, sympathy, empathy, hospitality, and gratitude to life.

Linda  Domenico, Owner

Inspired by over 40 years of experience as a floral designer, a lifetime of traveling, and her adventures in entrepreneurship, Linda creates truly extraordinary arrangements tailor-made for each of her clients.

Drawing from her experience as the owner of floral studios in Santa Cruz, Maui, and Beacon, NY, Linda brings her professionalism, timely attention to detail, and diverse floral palette to metro Sarasota.

She loves to connect with people and express their emotions through Tiger Lily’s original floral arrangements; in fact, she considers her ability to offer a wide range of fresh designs as one of her most cherished gifts.

A trusted veteran of local galas, Linda’s resume sparkles with household names like Mote Marine, The Cat Depot, Lighthouse for the Blind, the Sarasota Ballet, and the Sarasota Opera.

Her ability to connect with people and express their emotions through floral arrangements is one of her most cherished gifts.  Each new design is an opportunity to tell a different story; an opportunity to innovate and be creative.

Cody W. Eddleman

Floral Designer

Fifteen years ago in a Missouri florist shop, Cody first unleashed his creativity and his reputation for creating arrangements far beyond the norm took hold. His larger-than-life floral displays became the talk of the town and gained a following.

Cody also grew to love and incorporate silk flower arrangements into his repertoire because of their wide range of versatility. From outstanding visual displays to personal-sized miniatures, each design challenge is both exciting and rewarding for Cody, but more importantly, they earn raves from those who enjoy them.

You will almost always see Cody in his signature jeans and cowboy boots with Maggie, the Golden Retriever who overcame many obstacles in her early life only to bring a smile to the face of anyone she meets, by his side.

We deliver locally to the Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, and Manatee counties area and as a member of B Brooks Fine Flowers, you can send your flowers nationally and internationally.